Why Your Business is a Struggle

Sunday, March 10, 2024

How to Stop the Struggle Before it Starts

It's been another long day, you got up late, you left the house without that tool you promised your helper you would bring for him to use on site.  You forgot to write up the change order last night when you got home because you were late and had to rush out the door to make it on time to your child's school event. 
If it's not this its that. 
When will the hits stop coming?
When will you get a break?

You're at the place where you cant handle any more work.
You aren't really making any money are just making enough to keep the lights on.
You're exhausted, you don't know if you could work any harder than you already do.
You cant handle any more employees or projects cause that would then mean more headaches and fires to attend to.
You already have trouble sleeping at night.  You're physically and mentally exhausted but your mind is full of activity with worry and overwhelm.
You thought this remodeling thing would be easy.  When you first started you thought it was easy to get work.  You quickly learned that you weren't charging enough to run a business, you are basically charging enough to cover the  hourly wages for you and your helper.  You can't seem to find clients who don't ask you to lower your price.  You thought well i'll make more money if i work harder and faster and longer.  Problem is now after the last year you are so tired you are making mistakes forgetting to do things and no longer fast and not that efficient.  

Now imagine for moment, your truck is clean & organized, all the tools are in aneat an orderly place in the back.  The front cab is neat and tiddy, heck if someone didnt know any better and they sat in your passenger seat they would think you were an office guy.
While you continue dream imagine that your jobs are organized, well planned, run smoothly, are on time and under budget.  Your clients are raving fans of yours.  They cant get over how smooth their project is going, they compliment and thank you for excellent communication and timeliness of your return messages and how well the job is adhering to the schedule.
Your employees are happy, they love their job.  They enjoy and appreciate working with you.  The do clean efficient consistent great work day in and day out.
You are so thankful you took that time to invest in yourself and your business.  You did it you finally bought that course.  You finally stop being so hardheaded and hired that business coach (yeah the idea of business coach you use to laugh at, well how is laughing now....you all the way to the bank)
You cant believe you struggled for the first couple years by not learning how to truly sell and position your services as a professional.  You look back now and cant believe how easy it is now to decide which clients you want to work for and which clients you dont want to work with.  You shake your head weekly as you continue to attrack ideal client after ideal client.  You have done it you have cracked the remodeling success code- you are making amazing profit on every job.  You now have a business & not a job.  You are able to take time off and projects still get done and money still rolls in.  This is how being a business owner is supposed to be.  

Want to have the dream life be your real life? 

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